Beau Nouvelle

Beau Nouvelle

Full Stack Swift Developer

iOS. MacOS. TV. Watch.
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Hi. I'm a super talented Swift developer addicted to creating slick user experiences an expert iOS app developer the perfect fit for your next project

About Me.

I'm an expert freelance iOS Developer from Melbourne, Australia with over 8 years of professional experience.

I love creating delightful user experiences with unique interactions and animations.

My favorite projects are the ones where I get to work with new technologies, solve problems, and push the hardware to its limits!

I'm also the author of the popular Swift Playgrounds book Simulations in Swift and have created several widely used Swift libraries including FaceAware, and SimpleCheckbox.


Only have an idea? That's OK! I'm proficient in creating wonderful UI/UX experiences worthy of a design award.

Quality work

I always follow best practices when writing code. With an emphasis on modularity, documentation, unit tests, and extensibility.

Complete Journey

I'll take your application from idea to App Store.

More about me, and my life.

I was born in Queensland, and moved to Melbourne in 2013 where I landed my first full time developer role at a game company.
Since then I've worked for major clients as a contractor, and lead mobile development teams at a few startups.
I've worked on so many apps over the years that there's a good chance you have used one before.



Swift, Objective-C, C, and in addition to iOS development, I'm obsessed with Vapor, AR/VR, Machine Learning, and React Native.



I never would have got into programming or publishing my book without my passions for art and music. These skills flow over to the design language of the apps I've built.



Why go through an expensive agency when you can get the same service at more affordable rates? Projects are guaranteed to be well documented, unit tested, and delivered on time.

Technical Skills

React Native


I've worked on hundreds of apps over the years. Here's a short list of the ones I'm most proud of.

Work Experience.

I have been developing iOS applications for over 8 years as both a full-time and contracted engineer. My work covers social media, music, games, navigation, and payment applications.

Lead iOS Developer

Form Guide. Punters. Best Odds. Hired on as the first iOS developer and layed the
foundations and frameworks for the Punters app ecosystem.

2014 - 2015

Lead iOS Developer

Reece Plumbing Pty ltd

Reece had a few internal applications build by offshore developers.
I was on contract to put together their internal mobile development team.

2015 - 2016

Lead iOS Developer

IBM, Melbourne

Melbourne Spring Fashion Week iOS App.
City of Melbourne.


Head of Mobile Engineering


Development of a tailor-made loyalty, ordering and payment app for retail and hospitality businesses.
Hundreds of clients. Millions of users.

2016 - 2018

Freelancer (Swift & React Native Developer)


I started out as a freelancer, and have always wanted to go back to it.
The best part is getting to work on a wide variety of projects.


I live in Melbourne, Australia